spacious field with trees

Nature and Community

An original homestead whose ownership dates back to the Spanish Land Grant, the gently rising terrain offers diverse experiences. Choose seclusion in the 60 densely-wooded acres toward the top, expansive parcels with fewer trees and more prairie, and select tracts with water features. Depending on the location and opportunity, sweeping views for miles can be enjoyed.

Limited restrictions through a homeowner association will allow for the freedom of country living, with safeguards to protect architectural vision, nature, and community. To make land and homeownership easy and move-in ready, we have partnered with award-winning architects and home builders proven to match the vision of the community aesthetic. Landowners will also be permitted to use their architects and builders.

Select from a variety of architected homes ranging in size from 1,220 square feet to over 3,500 square feet.

-Homesites start from $450,000
-Homesites with Architected Homes start from $775,000